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Exhibition Information

China International Metal Forming Exhibition


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Time of launch:2020.11.17 ~ 2020.11.20
Exhibition Industry: Metal Processing
Organization cycle: annual session
Address: China-Beijing-China International Exhibition Centre (new pavilion)
Open from 09:00 to 18:00
Organizer: China Forging and Pressing Association
Area :30000 square metres
Past audience:15,000
Past Exhibitors:400

Exhibits Introduction
The China International Metal Forming Exhibition, which was founded by the China Forging Association in 1990 by the Beijing Forging and Metal Parts Fair, was merged in Beijing in 2007 with the Shanghai Stamping and Sheet Metal Exhibition, which was founded in 2004. Among them, forging exhibition is the only separate professional exhibition in the world, showing the scale and level of the world first; stamping and sheet metal exhibition, is one of the world’s seven major similar professional name exhibition, is the only national stamping and sheet metal processing professional exhibition! According to the industry and enterprise development demand, this year’s Beijing metal forming exhibition will increase stamping die technology and application, connection and welding technology and application to meet the new development needs of forging, stamping and sheet metal enterprises to pursue high quality and extend the industrial chain.
The China International Metal Forming Exhibition MetalForm China is organized by the China Forging Association. The exhibition is held once a year. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Chinese market. The China International Metal Forming Exhibition MetalForm China last attracted 400 exhibitors with a total of 15000 customers. The exhibition is held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Pavilion) with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters.

Attention: The exhibition is a professional B2B trade fair, open to industry members only. Non-business members and persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit it. No retail activities are available on site. The organizer shall have the right to change and adjust the extension and venue without prior notice as required by the organisation of the exhibition.

Exhibits Scope
Parts: forging parts, stamping parts, sheet metal parts, parts and other parts
Forge equipment and technology: forging equipment and technology, forging auxiliary equipment and technology, industrial furnace/kiln and energy-saving technology, forging inspection equipment and technology, forging equipment and technology
Stamping Equipment & Technology: Stamping / Deepening Forming Equipment & Technology, Hydraulic Forming Equipment & Technology, Spinning & Other Special Forming Equipment & Technology, Stamping Auxiliary Equipment & Technology
Sheet metal manufacturing equipment and technology: sheet metal, pipe, profile and wire forming equipment and technology, cutting technology and equipment, sheet surface treatment technology, sheet metal manufacturing equipment and technology
Die and tooling: forging die, stamping die and sheet metal making die, die auxiliary equipment and technology, mold other
Connection and welding: arc welding equipment, resistance welding equipment, high energy beam welding equipment, other welding equipment, connection, auxiliary equipment and tools, connection and welding other
Data processing: data processing, intelligence, information and automation systems, sheet forming parts, molds and welding and connection testing/inspection
Materials and Accessories: Welding materials, ingots, steel billets and metal bars, non-ferrous metals, metal plates, pipes, profiles and wire, saw blades, metal sheet surface cleaning materials, lubrication, cooling and protective materials, materials and other auxiliary materials
Other: plant equipment and warehousing equipment, process control, quality assurance, production safety and environmental protection, media, industry organization, import and export services and business management services
Pavilion Information
China International Exhibition Centre (New Pavilion)
Venue Area:870,000 square metres
Country: China-Beijing
Contact Number:
Address: Wenyu River, Tianzhu Airport City, Shunyi District, Beijing