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The development status of CNC machine tools at home and abroad


Reform and opening up nearly 40 years, first solved the food and clothing, with this wave of real estate tide, wave after wave of train upgrade, upgrade high-speed rail tide, automobile boom, the tide of the Internet, universities continue to expand enrollment, year after year millions of graduates, with our country to eat through the basic life of the solution, People will naturally have higher qualities and higher pursuits to promote national progress. After all, we introduced technology from the Soviet Union in the 1950s and 1960s, and from Japan and the United States in the 1970s and 1980s, and we still have a long time of technological accumulation. Without the post-1990s U.S.-led technical blockade of China, we might have been already strong. And now, in the face of the blockade, we are also trying to highlight the re-enactment.
We won’t be able to go with Microsoft, Jobs and Apple in a short time, but 20 years ago would you have thought we would have such a powerful Huawei today? At present, because the domestic research and development level and advanced material technology lags behind foreign countries, so that the domestic high-speed precision punch research and development has been a great constraint.
With Europe and the United States and other developed countries high-end high-speed precision punch gap has the following points:
1) The reliability of high-speed punch and the processing accuracy of stamping parts are not competitive in the market;
2) For automatic control and compensation technology, not very good use in high-speed precision punch, so the product accuracy is relatively low;
3) Most of China’s high-speed precision punch is through the purchase of Europe, the United States and Japan and other developed countries, research and development funds are insufficient, so that domestic punch specifications, high-end high-speed precision punch development slow. China is the world’s largest machine tool manufacturing country, CNC system in the performance, function and complete application has made great progress. Among them, the low-grade numerical control system almost completely replaced the import, the middle-grade numerical control system in serialization, commercialization and industrialization of significant results.
High-grade NUMERICAL control system has broken through the realization of the five-axis linkage function, and in the six-axis CNC sand belt grinder, five-axis blade milling machine and milling composite machine tools and other equipment has been demonstrated application. International CNC system has a lot of mature high-end products, compared with the world machine tool power, China’s machine tool products in the global machine tool market competitiveness gap is still very large.