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Exhibition Information

Shanghai Metallurgical Industry Exhibition


Reprinted from:QUFAIR.COM

Time 2020.05.13 ~ 2020.05.16
Exhibition industry: Metal processing
Organization cycle: one year
Address: China – Shanghai – Shanghai New International Expo Center
Open time:09:00-18:00
Previous area: 90000 square meters
Previous audiences: 110000
Previous exhibitors: 1263
First, the introduction of the exhibition
After nearly 30 years of integrated development, Metal Metallurgy China has become the second in the world. The first equipment manufacturing exhibition in Asia is the preferred platform for Chinese and foreign enterprises to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation and enhance brand value.
Co-sponsored by the China Iron and Steel Industry Association and the Metallurgical Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of Trade, coinciding with the gradual implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative” strategy and the arrival of the golden era of “going out” in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the exhibition will continue to develop in the direction of internationalization, brand and fine products exhibition, with a new posture, excellent service, huge purchasing groups and rich academic exchange activities dedicated to the participating customers; At the same time, it will also display the latest products, technologies and equipment in the industry, comprehensively present the current trends and development trends in the metallurgical industry, and provide the best opportunities for exhibitors to seek cooperation, expand the market and develop innovation. Rewrite Huazhang! Carrying 2 Over the past few years, with its large turnover, strong international and high audience quality, it has enjoyed the reputation of “the first Exhibition of Asian Metallurgy”. Over the years, with the acceleration of China’s industrialization and the continuous enrichment of, Metal Metallurgy China through the upstream and downstream industrial chain, the contents of the exhibits have been refined, and cars, machine tools, ships and construction machinery have been introduced on the basis of the original casting, metallurgy and industrial furnaces. The casting parts needed in various manufacturing fields, such as rail transit, as well as the refractories and industrial ceramics needed in the metallurgical industry, have expanded the downstream market and broadened the metallurgical, casting and thermal industries. The scope of services in agriculture, aviation, automobile and other fields. At present, the exhibition has covered the entire industrial chain from raw materials to production processes, and then to finished products.

Metal + Metallurgy China, China Institute of Metallurgical Industry, China, China Institute of Mechanical Engineering, China Institute of Mechanical Engineering, China Institute for the Promotion of Mechanical Engineering, China International Trade Association, China Institute of Mechanical Engineering, China International Trade Association, China International Trade Association, China International Trade Association, China International Trade Association, China International Trade Association, Limited The exhibition is one of the most important platforms for enterprises to open China’s market, and the Shanghai Metallurgical Industry Exhibition, Metal + Metallurgy China, has attracted 1263 exhibitors at the last time. Enterprises, the number of customers reached 110000, the exhibition is held in Shanghai New International Expo Center Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the exhibition area of 90000 square meters.

Notes: The exhibition is a professional B2B trade show, which is only open to the industry, non-industry and under the age of 18. No retail activities are available on site. For the needs of the exhibition organization, the sponsor has the right to change and adjust the extension and place without notice.

Second,Scope of exhibits
Casting: Casting, Casting Equipment, Casting Materials, Casting Mould, Casting Tooling, Fixture, Casting Technology, Computer Application, Business, Trade, Consulting and Service, Technical Publications, Journal and Network, Other Exhibits.
Metallurgy: metallurgical auxiliary materials, metallurgical products, by-products, metallurgical environmental protection technology and equipment, refractory production equipment and products, sheet metal processing technology and equipment, metal wire processing equipment and wire mesh, steel structure manufacturing technology and equipment
Industrial furnace: various industrial furnaces, heat treatment equipment and devices, induction heating equipment and supporting equipment, electrothermal alloys and heating components, waste heat recovery devices, high temperature air fuel devices, far infrared heating technology and equipment, heat carrier heating design and equipment, refractory and thermal insulation materials for general industrial furnaces, furnace instruments and automatic control systems, consultation, planning, services, technical publications and periodicals, spare parts, auxiliary equipment
Industrial robots and automation: main body of industrial robots, various manipulators, industrial robot application products and solutions, industrial robot functional parts and components, industrial automation (production and process automation), industrial automation information technology and software material devices.
Third,Pavilion information

Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Venue area: 300000 square meters
Country region: China-Shanghai
Tel: + 86 (21)2890 6666
Address of the exhibition hall: No.2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai,China