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Shenyang machine tool restructuring finalized, the central enterprise general technology into the largest shareholder


Reprinted from: CIMES Beijing Machine tool Exhibition

A few days ago, Shenyang machine tool restructuring settled, central enterprise general technology has become the largest shareholder, Shenyang Group and Shenyang shares, a pair of “father and son” have been completely cut off, become two independent operation of the enterprise.

First, the reorganization is settled, and general technology becomes a major shareholder.

On the evening of November 18, 2019, Shenyang Machine tool Co., Ltd. issued a notice that the Shenyang Intermediate people’s Court approved the application for Shenyang Machine tool reorganization plan and terminated the company’s reorganization procedures.

General Technology Group will invest 3.5 billion yuan, accounting for 57 per cent of Shen Ji Group shares, 1.8 billion yuan, 29.99 per cent of Shen Machine shares, Shen Ji shares and Shen Ji Group will no longer have an equity relationship, each independent operation, each has its own focus.

General Technology Group is a wholly state-owned company. In the manufacturing sector, General Technology Group has machine tool business, it has acquired Beijing Machine tool Research Institute, Qiqihar second Machine tool Factory, Harbin measuring tools Group and Dalian Machine tool Group and other four well-known enterprises in the domestic machine tool industry.
With regard to the positioning and development strategies of the two companies in the future, people familiar with the matter said after the reorganization was approved:

•For Shen Ji shares, the next step is to continue to develop along the direction of industrial service and industrial Internet, and to explore a new business model. For Shen Ji Group, it will be based on the traditional machine tool industry to promote the upgrading of products from the middle and low end to the middle and high end.
•Increase innovation drive, more service key areas of high-end equipment demand.
•Make great efforts in product quality and enterprise management quality, and really take the road of high quality development.

Second, Eighteen years of Shenyang Machine tool


On August 20 th, Shen Ji shares were reduced to “* STShen Machine” because of their application for reorganization. On the same day, Guan Xiyou, chairman of Shen Ji Group, stressed in an exclusive interview with the media at the group headquarters: “I can tell you responsibly that Shenyang Machine tool to this point is completely our active choice.”it is implemented step by step in accordance with our strategy.”

1.10 years of “good wind by force”
From 2001 to 2011, it is the golden decade of machine tool industry in China. After China’s entry into WTO, China has born a large number of manufacturing demand, Shenyang machine tool, which mainly produces general products, ushered in the development cycle of gold. In 2007, Shenyang machine tool revenue exceeded 10 billion; in 2011, it reached the top of the global machine tool industry with 18 billion yuan revenue.
In the golden decade, Shenyang machine tool has expanded on a large scale on the one hand, on the other hand, it has also formulated a clear development strategy.
In 2007, Shen Ji set the strategy of “bigger first, then stronger”. For Guan Xiyou, a realistic consideration is that only when the size of the enterprise is larger, it is easier to get bank loans, and with money, there is a chance to be stronger. The strategy aims at achieving economies of scale, expanding the scale of enterprises, and then strengthening them.

Operation of Shenyang Machine tool with High debt ratio

2.eight-year “to make a boat in the reverse of the water”
The machine tool industry has entered the downward cycle since 2012, and two significant changes have taken place in the market: the market size has ended with rapid growth, and the market structure has been upgraded to the high end. In this kind of market change, Shenyang machine tool, which produces a large number of general products, is greatly affected.

Shenyang Machine tool officially launched the “i5” numerical control system in 2014, and then introduced the Internet, cloud technology and shared business model. On the one hand, it tried to cut into the industrial Internet market, on the other hand, it tried to replicate the scale miracle of the Internet economy in the manufacturing industry through the sharing model.

Third, “i5” color forming geometry


1.The birth of “i5”
The so-called “i5” is the abbreviation of intelligent (Intelligent), Internet (Internet), integrated (Integrate), industrial (Industry) and information (Information). The industry refers to “i5”, which generally refers to “i5” CNC system, “i5” machine tool, is equipped with “i5” CNC system CNC machine tool.
In 2007, the company set up the “i5” R & D team, and started to develop the numerical control system. Guan Xiyou, after the chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool in 2008, gave great autonomy to the development team of the CNC system in Shanghai, and his senior brother, Zhu Zhihao, was the head of the team. In 2014, the first i5 machine tool was released.
Since its launch, “i5” CNC machine tools have produced a total of about 25000 sets, about half of which have been sold directly to customers and half used for leasing. So far, “i5” has a total of 123 patents, of which 22 are software copyright patents.
Guan Xiyou said that the investment in i5 research and development cost about 3 billion yuan, of which 900 million yuan is the cost of software development, 2.1 billion yuan is the cost of trial and error. In addition, product development, factory area transformation and so on, the total investment is about 10 billion yuan.
In his view, “i5” is already the most important value of Shen Ji at present. He believes that its control theory, control accuracy, maturity and other technical indicators have been leading the world, but encountered financial difficulties in large-scale commercialization. The traditional technology accumulation is mainly the process technology, but does not represent the future. “if there is no i5, Shenyang machine tool will be gone,” Guan Xiyou said.

2.Industry evaluation
For the “i5”, the industry evaluation is different. Professor Lu Feng, a scholar at Peking University, released the “i5” revolution report, saying that “i5” is the first CNC system in the world to make machine tools intelligent and connected products, even ahead of German industry 4.0.
The challenge to “i5” is that it does not enter the high-end market, the application is still concentrated in the two-axis and three-axis general, low-end machine tool products, and does not solve the demand of high-end core technology products. In the field of middle and low end products, there are fully mature products in China, and the value of “i5″ is not great.

In addition, Shen-Yang machine tool, as the host manufacturer, enters the market of the numerical control system, and will also face the problem of market promotion. Siemens, which represents an enterprise, is an upstream and downstream relationship with the manufacturing plant, and works with each other, so their system can be supplied by a number of host manufacturers at the same time, and the Shenyang machine tool itself has a large number of Siemens, and the CNC system of the Geneno is supplied to the user.
And when Shenyang machine tool develops the numerical control system, the other host machine manufacturer as the Shen machine competitor is unlikely to use the Shen machine numerical control system,” I5″ can only be used in the Shen machine own machine tool. This is also the current status of the application of the “I5” system.
But from the point of view of the Shen machine, this is a step-by-step process.

3.Situation of application
At present, the numerical control system of the “i5” is mainly applied to two-axis and three-axis machine tool products, and it is trying to walk into the high-end customer.
In several major sub-subsidiaries of Shenji, Zhongjie Machine tool Factory mainly produces five-axis linkage large boring and milling machine, facing customers in construction machinery, rail transit, ship and other industries, and is a branch factory with relatively stable market and relatively high-end products. He Xinyuan, general manager of the plant, said that the current “I5” system and the factory’s machine tool products matching, is in the early stage of engineering accumulation. at present, there is no problem with the cnc system, but for the large boring and milling machine, the matching servo system needs to meet the requirements of high power and large torque, which is the main bottleneck of the current adaptation “i5”. For example, the brain is fine, but the arms and legs are not good enough.
Shenyang Machine tool subordinate Zhongjie Aerospace Machine tool Company is mainly aimed at military customers in the field of aerospace. According to Gao Changcai, general manager of Shenyang Machine tool, Shenyang Machine tool supplied more than 20 two-axis, three-axis “i5” CNC lathes and CNC stereoscopic machining centers to an aircraft manufacturer in 2014, while this year it has supplied eight “i5” five-axis CNC machine tools to it. At the same time, Shen machine also has more than 20 large military industry five-axis orders in hand.

To sum up, since the introduction of “i5”, its products and applications are gradually infiltrating from low-end, general-purpose machine tools to high-end precision machine tools. The high-end market has just opened and has not yet established a stable foothold.

Fourth, can the machine tool industry introduce the mode of “shared economy”?


Shenyang Machine tool began to explore the “shared machine tool” in 2015, renting the machine tool to users. The introduction of a “shared” business model in the industrial sector is controversial in the industry.
The target customer of shared machine tool mode is not large scale, own technical ability is not strong, has the order resource, the product is not relatively complex, takes the general purpose, the large number, the foundation component order mainly.

For this kind of customer, through the processing procedure of the numerical control system and the change of the supporting tool fixture, a machine tool can be used to process different products for different customers, so that a certain degree of personalized customization can be realized.
In general, however, the main demand of the shared machine tool is the low-end CNC machine tool product, which is used to manufacture the basic component products of the middle and low end, and the characteristics of the machine tool are still large and wide. And the attraction of the sharing mode may not be large for customers with higher capacity requirements.

Source: WeChat for metal processing