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Choose the right chuck, the processing efficiency is improved by more than half!


Reprinted from: JIAJUXIA

For some complex parts with different directions in the machining process, the use of conventional chuck can no longer complete the effective processing, often requires work in the process or tooling. The precision, high efficiency and flexible chuck can significantly improve the production efficiency.
Polyhedral complex parts solutions
Such as the following multi-sided complex parts, multiple clamping is obviously a very “wasteful” solution, but because it has multiple machining surfaces, the single clamping scheme needs special design.

▲Multifaceted complex parts

The indexing chuck is a special kind of chuck designed for this kind of workpiece, which is used to replace the original lathe chuck to realize the automatic indexing of polyhedron once clamping, to carry on the multi-sided transposition of the workpiece and the turning of the multi-process. Let’s look at the video to see how it works:

Principle and characteristics of dividing chuck

Taking the following index chuck as an example, the structure is characterized in that:


●More than 8 × 45 °or 6 × 60 °faces of the same body can be machined at one time.

●The angle deviation within 1 ‘and the repeated positioning accuracy within 0.01mm are realized.

●The chuck has its own clamping force compensation device to eliminate the influence of centrifugal force on clamping when the chuck rotates.

Principle of grading:
The combined hydraulic cylinder in the chuck body can clamp one degree, lock and position and loosen the claw.

Structure chart of indexing chuck

System composition and Application of dividing chuck
From the point of view of the whole process of dividing chuck, the figure includes hydraulic station, oil distributor, flange, connecting rod assembly, selected dead alarm and so on:

The field of machining parts is mainly the application of automobile product parts, hydraulic valve parts, engineering and mining machinery products and so on.

Development: several feature chuck products
After looking at the dividing chuck, let’s take a look at several other features of the chuck:
Lever finger chuck

▲Lever finger pressure series chuck

●Hollow design, can be added to the detection or intermediate water spray, in conjunction with the automation system;

●The vacuum chuck is strongly pressed down by the oil pressure and is suitable for machining the parts positioned at the end face.

Corner pressure chuck

▲Rotary-angle finger-pressure series chuck

● Claw ejection/return 90°rotation structure, parts easier to remove and release;
●And the integrated oil way design is realized, so that the synchronous pressing is realized.

In order to solve the clamping problem of various special-shaped products, the design of the chuck is also various, such as the above-mentioned lever finger-pressing chuck is to clamp the workpiece which is positioned at the end face, and the chuck is also somewhat similar to the hydraulic clamp. Therefore, the traditional multiple-order processing mode is optimized to be one-time clamping multi-order processing mode by selecting a suitable chuck, so that the automation degree of the original equipment can be improved, the processing precision and the production efficiency can be improved, and the production cost is reduced.