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Exhibition Information

Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition CME


Reprinted from:QUFAIR.COM

Development time: 2020.02.25 ~ 2020.02.28
Exhibition industry:machine tool
Held cycle:once a year
Host address:China-Shanghai-Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center National E …
Opening hours:09:00-18:00
Organizer: Foreign Trade Development Bureau, Ministry of Commerce
Previous Areas:90,762 square meters
Previous audiences:100,000
Previous exhibitors:1,000

1.Exhibition Introduction
The CME sponsor of the Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition, in line with the professional, authoritative and international exhibition concept, has been constantly innovating and developing for many years, and the multi-field Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition CME has been successfully held, which has laid the authoritative convention and exhibition status and enjoys a high reputation and attention in the industry.
The exhibition is an exhibition of advanced technologies and new products of industrial automation, such as industrial equipment automation, production and process automation, control systems, industrial communications, robotics and so on. The theme of the exhibition is “Innovation, Creativity and the Future “, which aims to build an international exchange and cooperation platform for enterprises, R & D institutions, academic groups, investment and financing institutions, and to promote” technology exchange, trade cooperation, product innovation “among enterprises. Many well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises, famous brand products will gather to display. It provides an ideal service platform for exhibitors to meet, meet and meet. The international platform for high-end cooperation, communication and exhibition is built with the purpose of serving the audience and serving the audience.
The CME of the Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition is held by the Ministry of Foreign Trade Development of the Ministry of Commerce for a year. The exhibition is also an important platform for the enterprise to open the Chinese market. The CME of the Shanghai Machine Tool Exhibition has attracted more than 1,000 exhibitors from the last time, and the number of customers and customers reached 100,000. The exhibition is held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center of the Shanghai National Conference and Exhibition Center, with an area of 90762 square.
2.Scope of exhibits
Robots and 3d printing: complete industrial robots, such as welding, spraying, palletizing, handling, assembly, rectangular coordinate robots, etc. Robot accessories, such as electrical control & machinery two parts, industrial lenses, industrial cameras, transformers, electrical and optoelectronic components , Reducer, servo motor, testing equipment, welding and cutting equipment, spraying equipment, handling equipment, etc. The software part includes robot vision, control system, industrial automation information technology, advanced technology 3d printing, etc.
Metal processing machine tools exhibition area: turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, machining centers (horizontal, vertical, gantry, combined) and other EDM machine tools, wire cutting machine tools, micro-hole processing, engraving machines, marking machines, Hydraulic press …
Metal forming machine tools exhibition area: CNC bending machines, CNC shears, flame cutting machines, water cutting machines, band saws, shears and other sheet metal CNC processing equipment, high-speed precision punches, servo presses, open presses, Closed presses, extruders, CNC turret punches, servo crank presses, etc., sheet metal drawing hydraulic presses
Workpiece cutting tools exhibition area: various surface processing tools, combined tools, non-standard tools, tool coatings, tool materials, tool accessories, grinding machinery, various types of abrasive tools such as consolidated, super hard materials, grinding materials, grinding Cutting accessories and auxiliary materials, such as coordinate measuring instruments, image projectors, laser interferometers, various micrometers, tool setting instruments, tool measuring instruments, mechanical performance instruments, surface roughness instruments, etc.
Machine tool accessories exhibition area: various machine tool functional parts, machine tool accessories, machine tool electrical appliances, pneumatic and hydraulic components and devices, digital display devices, etc., lubricants, industrial cleaning, logistics equipment and other factory-related supporting products
Sheet metal and equipment exhibition area: Sheet metal, such as colored steel sheet, galvanized sheet, cold-rolled sheet, coated sheet, sheet, etc. Rolls, pickled steel coils, silicon steel sheets, carbon steel plates, color coated plates, metal composite plates, colored aluminum plates, brushed aluminum plates, copper plates, aluminum plates, and cold rolled strip steel. Cutting equipment, shears, bending machines, slitting machines, rolling mill equipment, etc.
3.Exhibition Hall Information
National Exhibition and Convention Center
Venue area: 500,000 square meters
Country: China-Shanghai
Phone: +86 021-62700066
Venue Address: 333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai