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Exhibition Information

The MWCS of the Shanghai CNC Machine Tool and Metal Processing Exhibition in 2020


Reprinted from:QUFAIR.COM

Conduct time 2020.09.15 ~ 2020.09.19

Exhibition industry: metal working machine tool

Organization cycle: one year

Address: China-Shanghai-Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center National E. Opening hours: 09:00-18:00

Organizers: national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Council for the Promotion of Trade, Shanghai Municipal people’s Government

Exhibition area: 73649 square meters

Number of viewers: 174188

Number of exhibitors: 600

1. the exhibition profile since 1990, the global GDP has doubled, the future of globalization is no longer just physical trade, it will be about the connectivity of knowledge, information and technology. With the core breakthrough of Internet of things technology, a data revolution from quantitative to qualitative change caused by massive data will promote the progress of the whole industrial society. Based on this, digital sheet metal processing will also cooperate with various industries and vertical fields to stimulate innovation, so as to continue to create value for the society. In recent years, many sheet metal equipment enterprises have developed in the direction of material connection, automation and flexibility. Industry giant Head one after another through acquisition, layout machine tool automation, or to digital gorgeous transformation. In the future, the gap of sheet metal equipment is smaller and smaller, and the intelligent solution of pre-and post-processing links will attract more attention. MWCS is an influential platform in the industry, building brand awareness for exhibitors, expanding market share, collecting information, obtaining orders, increasing profits, and ultimately helping exhibitors stand out from the competition. As one of the core exhibitions of China International Industrial Expo, MWCS CNC machine tools and metal processing exhibition in addition to the three pavilions of NH,2H,3H in previous years, this year specially expanded 1H Pavilion half of the exhibition area to meet the needs of the line. The increase in the demand of exhibitors brought about by the development of the industry. The exhibition area has been expanded in an all-round way, which provides a broader display platform for exhibitors and a richer viewing experience for the audience.

The Shanghai CNC Machine tool and Metal processing Exhibition MWCS is organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Association for the Promotion of Trade, and the Shanghai Municipal people’s Government. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Chinese market. The Shanghai CNC Machine tool and Metal processing Exhibition MWCS last attracted 174188 exhibitors from 600 exhibitors. The exhibition was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center, National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai. The area will reach 73649 square meters.

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade exhibition, open only to the industry, non-industry and under 18 years of age declined to visit. No retail activities are available on the spot. Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer has the right to change and adjust the extension and location without prior notice.

2. Display range metal working: plate and pipe processing technology, metal plate, finished product and semi-finished product, transmission technology, separation technology, forming process, flexible sheet processing technology, pipe, section processing technology, composite material production process, equipment accessories and accessories, Insert and fastening technology, plate processing tool technology, surface treatment technology, process control and quality inspection, data engineering, information and services, factory and workshop environment protection, safety facilities numerical control machine tool: lathe, rolling bed, rolling bed, drilling and tapping machine bed, grinding machine, the invention relates to a gear processing machine tool, a saw, a drawing, an inserting, a planing machine, a combined machine tool and a main shaft head, Machining centers and parallel machine tools, special machining machines and special equipment, manufacturing unit systems and automation equipment, cutting tools, fixtures and related products, machine tool accessories, machine tool electrical appliances, abrasive tools, other machine tool options, functional components and auxiliary equipment

3. Information of the exhibition hall

Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center

Venue area: 500,000 square meters

Country: Shanghai, Shanghai

Tel.: + 86 021-62700066

Address: 333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai