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Exhibition Information

2020 Shenzhen International Machine Tool Show SIMM


Reproduced from: window of Exhibition and Exhibition

Time: March 30-April 2, 2020

Exhibition Hall: new Pavilion of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizer: Shenzhen Huanyue Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Shenzhen Xieguang Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association

Organizer: Shenzhen Huanyue Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Shenzhen Xieguang Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

SIMM Sales Department of Shenzhen Mechanical Exhibition

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I. The exhibition is an overview of the industry events in China’s south and even the global machinery equipment manufacturing industry

As the first accredited and recommended international professional exhibition in South China by the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), the Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition, which is also one of the Shenzhen brand exhibitions, has been successfully held for 20 years. With the world’s top brand manufacturers gathering, SIMM has been transformed from a traditional exhibition mode of display, trading and purchasing to a large-scale international exchange platform representing modern manufacturing technology, with intelligent manufacturing systems, advanced technology, personalized processing solutions, theme forums with industry characteristics, etc. On the other hand, with the help of the exhibition and Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association strong industry shadow. Xiangli and customer resources, across the exhibition site, for exhibitors and large exhibition enterprises to build a broader docking service platform during the non-exhibition period, the annual organization of more than 100 enterprises during the non-exhibition, the main meeting activities and “1 to 1” exchange and matchmaking, is completely different from other exhibitions of the outstanding features of SIMM. 2019 Simm attracted a total of 1215 exhibitors from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. The number of professional spectators received on the spot reached 134000.

International brand gathering: Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition has always been an important purchasing channel for professional buyers of manufacturing industry in South China. Mazak, Fanuc,TRUMPF,AMADA,Salvagnini, Bystronic, GF, Kawasaki,SIEMENS,MIKRON,OKUMA,MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC and other foreign brands have chosen SIMM as the entrance to the Chinese market. Simm not only has rich models and accessories products, but also carries out tool, measurement, automation and parts exhibition at the same time. Show, let your purchase purpose be achieved at a time. Buyers can find the right equipment and the best solution supplier.

Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition is based on the machinery manufacturing industry, ploughing South China for 20 years. The equipment industry in the Pearl River Delta region and along the high-speed rail has brought unparalleled market opportunities for the exhibition, and has been successfully recognized by Huawei, Foxconn, ZTE, BYD, Guangqi, Honda, Toyota, TCL, Gree, Merry, Otis, China Motor bus, Southwest Airlines and other brands. Gathering tens of thousands of professional audiences, the scale has grown for 20 years in a row. In the future, we will work with exhibitors and users to move towards a new era of intelligent manufacturing to witness the next decade of manufacturing in China.

II. Scope of exhibits

Shenzhen International Machine tool Exhibition

a five-axis machining center, an intelligent unit, a flexible production line, a lathe center, a gantry rolling machine, a drilling and tapping center, a numerical control system, a combined machine tool, a flexible graphite gold processing technology, a precision stamping, a metal plate connection technology, a surface treatment, a lathe tool, a tap and a thread processing cutter, Abrasive of grinding tool, hard alloy material, fixture and accessories, precision welding, laser micro-machining, laser marking, three-coordinate measuring machine, optical image measuring instrument, measuring tool, and blue light shooting type measuring system

Shenzhen International Robot and Factory Intelligence Exhibition

Man-machine collaboration robot, intelligent production line, industrial Internet of things and MES system, robot work station, flexible manufacturing system, robot accessory, assembly machine, assembly production line, special-shaped plug-in machine, logistics cooperative management, intelligent storage, intelligent packaging solution, AGV and accessories, Visual assembly system, visual inspection system, servo motor, electric drive system, pneumatic technology and system

Shenzhen International Industrial Parts Exhibition

3D printing equipment, 3D scanning equipment, 3D printing service, 3D design software, special steel, die steel, stainless steel, tungsten steel, copper, aluminum, cold hot rolled sheet, graphite, standard fastener, non-standard fastener, factory consumables, fastener equipment, wire, die, die accessories, CNC machining (turning / milling / grinding / boring, etc.), stamping, sheet metal processing, casting processing, plastic forming processing, forging processing, Laser processing, surface treatment, heat treatment, etc.

SIMM Sales Department of Shenzhen Mechanical Exhibition

Contact: Mr. Hu 132-0251-5362 (with WeChat)

QQ:892449796 (please indicate the exhibition)

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