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Exhibition Information

Birmingham Machine tool Exhibition MACH


Reprinted from:QUFAIR.COM

Information about the pavilion
Venue:2020-04-20 to 2020-04-24
Organization of the cycle: two years
Country region: Europe-UK-Birmingham
Birmingham, UK
Exhibition hall name: Birmingham international convention and exhibition center
Organizer: British Manufacturing Technology Association MTA
Area:60000 square meters
Customer flow:23000 people
Number of exhibitors: 1150
Introduction to the exhibition
The British International Machine tool Expo ((MACH)), hosted by the British Association of Manufacturing Technology, began every two years and has been successfully held so far for more than 50 times. it is now the most professional and large-scale exhibition in the machine tool industry in the United Kingdom.
With the rapid growth of the British machine tool market in recent years, it has become the most important production technology exhibition in the UK, which is divided into different exhibition areas, ranging from conventional manufacturing technology, metal processing, machine tools, molds, welding, molding equipment, electronic machinery and electronic control (including NCCNC) to aerospace, automotive, power generation, medical and 3D printing technology.

The British Birmingham Machine Tool Fair, MACH, is held by the British Manufacturing Technology Association MTA for the next two years. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open the British market. The MACH, the British Birmingham Machine Tool Fair, has attracted 1150 exhibitors from the last time. The number of customers is 233,000, and the exhibition is held in Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Center NEC, Birmingham, UK and the exhibition area reaches 60,000 square meters.

Scope of exhibits
Metal working: lathe, lathe, drilling machine, bed, bed, grinding machine, sawing machine, slotting machine, planing machine, gear processing machine, bending machine, plate shearing machine, press, gas cutting machine tool, water jet cutting machine tool, laser cutting machine tool, Various processing equipment such as electric processing machine tool and machining center.
Metal working tools: various metal working tools, measuring tools, clamps, fixtures, assembly tools, etc.
Machine tool accessories and parts and equipment: material handling equipment, control motor, power transmission equipment, hydraulic pneumatic components, lubricants and test equipment; welding equipment, heat treatment equipment; abrasive abrasive tools, mold processing equipment, test equipment, rapid prototyping equipment, injection molding equipment, mold polishing equipment, mold standard parts; wires and cables, instruments, machine tools, electrical appliances, etc.
Control system and CAD/CAM: CNC system, automation equipment, industrial robot, computer aided production, design and software, etc.