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Reprinted from: Go to Exhibition Network
Thailand Bangkok Mould Exhibition intermold
Development time 2020.06.24 ~ 2020.06.27
Exhibition industry: mold
Holding period: one year
Address: Thailand – Bangkok – Bangkok International Trade Convention and Exhibition Center
Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00
Organizer: Reed Exhibitions, Reed Exhibitions
Exhibition area: 28,000 square meters
Number of viewers: 30006
Number of exhibitors: 312
First, the exhibition introduction
The International Mold Exhibition (INTERMOLD) is a theme of the Thailand Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition (ME). It is held annually at the BITEC International Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand. It has been successfully held for 25 years.In 2016, the entire machinery manufacturing exhibition had 51,811 exhibitors from Southeast Asian countries to visit and negotiate. There are 2,425 exhibitors from 46 countries and regions. The total exhibition area of ​​the six pavilions is about 40,000 square meters. The ME contains six Topics: InterMold molds, Automotive manufacturing, Assembly assembly technology, ICS transfer exhibition, Napcon electronics exhibition, Surface Coating surface treatment exhibition, mold exhibition is the largest theme of the exhibition, and occupy the core position of the exhibition center, professionalism, The technical level is representative, reflecting the level of mechanical equipment development in machinery manufacturing and automobile manufacturing in Southeast Asia and Asia.

In recent years, Thailand has actively participated in regional economic cooperation, joined the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization and the ASEAN Free Trade Area, and actively participated in the cooperation of China, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar on water and land transportation in the upper reaches of the Mekong River, and promoted the proximity of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The “economic growth triangle” process in the region.With the development of manufacturing and service industries, especially the rise of tourism, the economic structure of Thailand has undergone major changes, and the agricultural countries that used to export agricultural products have gradually transformed into emerging industrial countries.In the trade between China and Thailand, mechanical equipment resides in Thailand’s main position of importing goods from China.

On January 1, 2010, the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area was completed. In 2015, more than 90% of China-ASEAN product trade will officially implement zero tariffs.This is the world’s free trade zone with the largest number of consumers and the largest coverage area. It is also known as the “third largest economy in the future world” after the EU and North American Free Trade Zone.The completion of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area will create infinite business opportunities and broad prospects for the Chinese and ASEAN business communities.Therefore, entering the Thai market can radiate more than 10 countries around.

INTERMOLD, Bangkok, Thailand is held by Reed Exhibitions of Reed Exhibitions. The exhibition is a year-round exhibition. It is also a very important platform for companies to open the Thai market. INTERMOLD at the Bangkok Mould Exhibition in Thailand attracted 312 exhibitors. The number of enterprises and merchants reached 30006. The exhibition was held at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre in Bangkok. The exhibition area reached 28,000 square meters.

Note: The exhibition is a professional b2b trade show, open only to the industry, non-industry and people under the age of 18 declined to visit. The site does not provide any retail activities.
Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer reserves the right to change and adjust the exhibition period and location without prior notice.
Second, the scope of the exhibition
Mechanical molds: Drilling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, gear cutting machines, grinders, polishing machines, multi-process automatic CNC machine tools, turning centers, drilling centers, metal cutting machines, milling machines, physical and chemical process machine tools, planning, Shaping, grooving and broaching machines, thread cutting machines
Mold materials and components: brush machine, mold and mold parts, steel mold, steel die stamping drilling, complete die, finale die, thimble, graphite electrode material, graphite material, injection, mold frame, pillar, plastic mold, power metallurgy mold, Pressure casting mold, steel, workpiece fixture
Machine tool accessories: accessories and accessories, auxiliary equipment, machine parts, tool racks, workpiece holding devices
Tools and Moulds: Carbide Tools, Ceramic Cermet Tools, Cutting Tools, Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride Tools, High Speed ​​Steel Tools, Tool Materials Precision Measurements, Optical Measurements, Test Machines and Instruments 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines and Angle Measuring Machines Instrument, balance tester, digital azimuth reader system, machine length measuring machine, material tester, metallurgical microscope, microprojector, roundness and straightness & shape measuring instrument, instrument, spring testing machine, surface roughness measurement Machine and instrument tools, tool manufacturer microscope, universal microscope, universal tester, vernier caliper, vibration tester, mold repair, maintenance EDM equipment, hot runner system, mold heat treatment, mold repair service, mold surface treatment, mold cleaning equipment , mold welding machine, polishing equipment mold design and engineering 3D measurement and digitization, 3d printer, cad, cam, cae software, industrial product design, mold design, pdm, plm software company, rapid prototyping tools.
Third, the pavilion information
Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre
Venue area: 30,000 square meters
Country: Thailand – Bangkok
Contact number: +662 7261999
Venue: 88 Bangna-Trad Road (Km.1), Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand
Fourth, registration for exhibitors / visits