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Exhibition Information

Stuttgart Auto Parts and Industrial Exhibition, Germany(Global Automotive Components And Suppliers Expo)


Reprinted from:QUFAIR.COM

Development time 2020.06.16 ~ 2020.06.18
Exhibition industry:Car accessories
Holding period: one year
Hosting address:Germany – Stuttgart – New Stuttgart Convention Center New Stutt…
Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00
Organizer: UKIP Media & Events ltd
Exhibition area: 40,000 square meters
Number of viewers: 12,000 people
Number of exhibitors: 800
First, the exhibition introduction
“European auto parts oem exhibition”, “automobile engine and parts exhibition”, “automobile power control system exhibition”, “automobile interior exhibition” and “car crash test exhibition” five exhibitions. One session per year.
The exhibition is one of the most influential automotive industry exhibitions in Europe and the world. It is a platform for European automotive industry design, engineering and procurement personnel to exchange new technologies, new inventions and new materials. It is also specially provided for European automotive manufacturers. Exhibition of supporting parts display and trade cooperation.
Exhibitors: brand parts manufacturing and export companies, parts and components international traders, auto parts oem manufacturers, auto parts aftermarket suppliers.
The exhibition has more than 800 exhibitors from more than 50 countries, including Bosch, Siemens, Panasonic and other well-known manufacturers, with an exhibition area of more than 40,000 square meters.
The exhibition is only open to professional visitors. The visitors are from more than 60 countries including Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain and the United States, Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic. The number of visitors reaches 12,000.
The Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo in Stuttgart, Germany, is organized by UKIP Media & Events Ltd. The exhibition is held once a year. It is also a very important platform for companies to open the German market. Stuttgart auto parts and parts in Germany The annual exhibition of Global Automotive Components And Suppliers Expo attracted 800 exhibitors and the number of merchants reached 12,000. The exhibition was held at the New Stuttgart Trade Fair Center in New Stuttgart. The exhibition area reached 40,000 square meters.
Note: The exhibition is a professional b2b trade show, open only to the industry, non-industry and people under the age of 18 declined to visit. The site does not provide any retail activities.
Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer reserves the right to change and adjust the exhibition period and location without prior notice.
Second, the scope of the exhibition
Engines and components: Engines and components, plastics engineering resins, electronics, mechanical components, safety components, transformers and magnetic components, commutators, motion control dampers.

Auto parts categories: fasteners, door systems, sensors, electronic systems, intelligent vehicle systems, wiring harnesses, wiring, injection molded parts, remote tire pressure monitoring system sealing systems, metal stampings, alloys, smart battery systems, molds and melting Die casting, metal parts production, cold formed parts, springs, starter one-way precision metal parts, rubber hoses and components, bearings, metal powder, aluminum die castings, electromagnets, valves, etc.

Automotive Inspection and Measurement: Metrology, Measurement and Test Instruments and Equipment, Analytical Instruments, Optoelectronics, Program Control Systems, Intelligent Quality Control Systems, Automation Systems, Quality Control Data Processing, Identification Systems, Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Sensors, fiber optic technology test products, industrial image analysis and processing systems, destructive (lossy) testing instruments and equipment, instruments for testing tension, torsion, pressure, bending, and resistance; non-destructive (non-destructive) test instruments; Material testing equipment, coordinate measuring machine, auxiliary industry, granite precision measuring instrument, electronic level.Metrology, measurement and test instruments and equipment: measuring equipment, measuring instruments, measuring robots, mechanical measuring instruments, measuring systems, parts and accessories, computer numerical control instruments, straight lines, angle measuring instruments, thickness measuring instruments, Leeb hardness testers; flow Meter, hygrometer, electronic digital caliper, waterproof digital caliper, special purpose measurement and test equipment, test equipment, parts; resistance meter, tool pre-measurement meter, other physical data test equipment.

Automotive interiors and supplies: Dashboards, sub-dashboards, seats, ceilings, interior trims, interior covers, steering wheels, floor mats, floor coverings, luggage, coat racks, sun visors, storage boxes, Ashtray, gear, central control, automotive electronic system, safety information display system, interior lighting system, interior acoustic system, interior modification, interior renovation, automotive sealing technology products, interior accessories, car carpet, Car seat cushions, safety seats, seat covers, headrests, handle covers, armrest boxes, anti-theft locks, seat belts, sun gear and decorative items, surface coverings, curtains, sunshades, etc.
Third, the pavilion information
New Stuttgart Trade Fair Center
Venue area: 110,000 square meters Country area: Germany – Stuttgart
Contact number: +49 (0)711 – 18 560 0
Venue: Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart, Stuttgart Germany
Fourth, registration for exhibitors / visits