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2020 China (Shanghai) International Foundry Exhibition


Reprinted from: Window of Exhibition
2020 China (Shanghai) International Foundry Exhibition
Time: May 25-27, 2020 Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
With the rapid development of modern society, the foundry industry has gradually penetrated into the daily life of the public.As a pillar industry of the domestic economy, in recent years, thanks to the continuous development of large-scale user industries such as domestic automobiles, home appliances, building materials, etc., China’s foundry equipment trading market has shown a prosperous scene, rising every year. trend.
Affected by national policies and the expansion of the domestic industrial chain, the domestic automobile, home appliances and other industries are developing very rapidly. Not only the production volume has increased, but also the technology in the high-end products is becoming more and more mature, and gradually moving to the forefront of the world! Therefore, these industries There is a very large demand for casting in the industrial chain formed by high and low end products.
However, with the development of society, all walks of life in the process of moving to the high end, the requirements for products and parts are getting higher and higher.Therefore, the foundry industry should follow the development trend, enhance its own strength, change the pressure as the driving force, and gradually evolve into a high-end foundry industry!
In China, most of the parts used in the automobile manufacturing industry use molds for the foundry industry, and plastic products also require molds.With the development of China’s industrial technology, the foundry industry has gradually evolved into a pillar industry, and domestic demand has also generated a huge impetus to the foundry industry! It has stimulated the development of most foundry manufacturers, such as the manufacturer of Dongguan Kuntai. The patented product “activity box” greatly reduces production efficiency, saves cost and time, and is worth promoting!
According to industry experts, these domestic demands are driving the pace of China’s foundry industry. Although the domestic foundry industry is facing higher difficulties and challenges, the development prospects of the industry are still very good.Manufacturers in the industry should continue to develop and enrich themselves, develop high-end products, and contribute to the development of the foundry industry.
【Exhibition Promotion and Promotion】
◇ Extensive media publicity: timely release of exhibition advertisements and information through professional magazines, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, new media, etc.
◇ Exhibition promotion: Participate in relevant exhibitions across the country. Extensive dissemination of information. Attract potential users. Expand exhibition promotion.
◇Invitation from the organizer: Inviting professional associations and organizations, scientific research units and institutions to organize exhibitions through the unique platform of the organizer.
◇ Send a visit ticket: 100,000 tickets / exhibition invitations will be issued through various channels.
Guiding unit: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology
Invited by: China Automotive Industry Association China Hardware Products Association
China Iron and Steel Industry Association China Mechanical Engineering Society
China Medical Device Industry Association China Machinery Industry Federation
Organizer: 2020 Shanghai Foundry Exhibition Organizing Committee
【Scope of participation】
▼ Castings: Automotive, machine tools, ships, construction machinery, rail transit, heavy machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, general machinery, electric power, electronic communications, petrochemical, construction hardware, pipeline pump valves, municipal engineering, etc. Casting and precision casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting and other casting process products.
▼ Foundry equipment: various types of melting furnace, automatic pouring machine, molding line, core making center, sand mixer, sand processing equipment, sand recycling equipment, shot blasting equipment, die casting machine, low pressure casting machine, precision casting equipment, real type Foundry equipment, various types of robots, rapid prototyping equipment, non-destructive testing equipment, cleaning and environmental protection equipment, aging treatment equipment, heat treatment equipment, casting molds, casting defect repair equipment, casting deep processing equipment, etc.
▼ Casting materials: casting resin, coating, foundry pig iron, ferroalloy, non-ferrous metal, insulation riser, filter, foundry coke, silica sand, coated sand, chromite ore, coal powder, inoculant, refining agent, spheroidization Casting auxiliary materials such as agent, creeping agent, slag removing agent, silica sol, refractory material, etc.
▼ Measurement and testing equipment: rapid analyzer for chemical composition before furnace (direct reading spectrometer, ce thermal analyzer, cs analyzer), sand detector online detector, coordinate measuring instrument, thermometer, thickness gauge, endoscope , hardness tester, non-destructive testing equipment (linear accelerator flaw detector), mechanical performance testing machine, etc.;
【Exhibition fee】
Booth type standard booth double launch indoor light (from 36m2) Overseas enterprises
Participation fee ¥13800/9㎡ ¥14800/9㎡ ¥1400/㎡ $4000/9㎡
Note 1: Basic equipment for standard booth: (length 3m x width 3m x height 2.5m), three-sided board (white), company Chinese and English fascia board, one power socket (within 500W), two fluorescent lamps, one consultation Desk, two folding chairs, carpets, garbage bins, etc.
Note 2: The open space booth does not have any facilities, and the exhibitor designs and renovates or commissions the design and decoration.
【Advertising Details and Sponsors】
2020 China (Shanghai) International Foundry Exhibition Organizing Committee:
Contact: Mr. Xu 187 1786 8938
Fax: 021-80184479
E-mail: 809004723@qq.com Exhibition Website:www.chinacst-expo.com