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JIMTOF2020 JAPAN INTERNATIONAL MACHINE TOOL FAIR (The 30th Japan International Machine Tool Fair)


Reprinted from:JIMTOF

1、About JIMTOF
The world’s fastest and most advanced trade show
Many exhibitors are developing new products in line with JIMTOF, and are highly evaluated by industry officials around the world as a place where cutting-edge technologies are quickly announced.

World-class quality and quantity! A wide range of visitors
Regardless of business conditions, JIMTOF has welcomed more than 100,000 visitors in recent years and has a reputation for high and stable customer attraction.

Extensive joint planning and advanced information exchange
JIMTOF has a wide range of joint events where highly specialized information is exchanged, from industry-leading engineers to lectures and seminars where industry leaders talk about management strategies.

2、Advantages of exhibiting at JIMTOF
01 Overwhelming ability to attract customers with a focus on the manufacturing industry
In recent years, the number of visitors to JIMTOF has continued to increase, and JIMTOF 2018 welcomes over 150,000 visitors. In addition, more than 70% of all visitors are from the manufacturing industry.

02 Attention from overseas, opportunities for global expansion
Buyers from all over the world gather for high-quality, high-performance products and services .
At JIMTOF2018, the number of overseas visitors was the highest ever.
In addition, visitors came from 63 countries and regions around the world.

03 Many product purchasers attend, and there are plenty of business opportunities
JIMTOF is visited by many officers and purchasing managers who are authorized to purchase products, as well as many people who actually handle and purchase products. This is an opportunity to directly appeal to products and technologies and connect them to business negotiations.