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Russia’s decline of casting is a casting opportunities to China! Casting the northeast and Xinjiang have the opportunity to enter the Russian market!


Reprinted from:Casting LaoLu       Foundry Industry Network

Today, let’s talk about the current situation of casting in Russia and the opportunities and advantages of Chinese casting in the Russian market. Now Russia’s foundry industry is in sharp decline. In the foundry in Russia, very few workers under the age of sixareans.
The lack of foundry workers has become the biggest pain in the Russian foundry industry. According to Chinese foundries with close ties to Russia, Russian foundry workers are paid five to six times as much as Chinese workers. Foundry workers are high-paying jobs in Russia.
But, even so, there are few young Russians willing to do the casting.
The lack of practitioners has become one of the major causes of the decline of Russian casting.
In addition, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the free movement of Russians was liberated, and russians who had migrated to East Asia for political reasons returned to the big cities of Russia. Russia is very urbanized, with more than 80 people living in cities.
In addition, more than 80 people in Russia live in the European region. From the following population map, it is a good illustration of the population distribution of Russia.

The population is concentrated in cities and Europe, coupled with an ageing population and low fertility rates.Young people have a low sense of identity with dry casting, resulting in Russian casting unusable.

The continuing economic downturn has prevented Russian casting from solving the problem of the shortage of workers by building intelligent foundries, as europe, the United States and Japan have done.

No one has the money, which is the biggest problem facing Russian casting right now.
Of course, the lack of money in Russia’s foundry industry also has a difference.
Military casting, is the guarantee of Russian military manufacturing, in the military casting mouth, the Russian government to the bottom, there is no shortage of people short of money.
Russian casting for civilian use is currently in a very difficult situation.

In difficult times, the Russian foundry industry’s knowledgeable people opened the door to cooperation with China casting.
Chinese is rich in power resources. Many Chinese important human resources for Russia in Siberia, East Asian cities.
In some cities, the number of Chinese even exceeds that of the Russian population.
In recent years, China and Russia have cooperated more and more in international affairs and closer.
The trade volume between China and Russia in the field of casting has increased greatly.

The cost of Russian castings is much higher than in China, prompting Russian manufacturers to step up efforts to buy castings from China.

Therefore, the foundry enterprises in the northeast region bordering Russia and the founding enterprises in Xinjiang region have become the bridgeheads of Russian casting and China’s foundry cooperation because of their geographical advantages.
In addition, Russian foundries in recent years also very much favor Chinese foundry equipment. China’s production of casting equipment prices only one-sixth of the European and American-Japanese equipment, this price is deeply attractive to Russian foundry enterprises. As long as Chinese equipment manufacturers can provide good after-sales service, then China’s foundry equipment into Russia is only a matter of time.